[Mimedefang] Reload doesnt work

Thomas Kristensen TK at multimed.dk
Tue Oct 3 03:43:42 EDT 2017

How can i check for the use of that multiplexor?

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Emne: Re: [Mimedefang] Reload doesnt work

On 2 Oct 2017, at 4:03, Thomas Kristensen wrote:

> Hey
> I got this problem that the reload function doesnt reload my rules.
> Nothings happens when i use the reload, i have to stop mimedefang and 
> start it again to use the changes made in mimedefang-filter.

This is platform-specific. If your platform uses systemd, the command "systemctl reload mimedefang"  doesn't reload the mimedefang-filter, it only reloads the systemd definition of the mimedefang service, which effectively does nothing. To get your system to reload the mimedefang-filter, use the md-mx-ctrl tool:

    md-mx-ctrl reread

OR if you are not using the mimedefang-multiplexor (which I think everyone should...) you can keep using the systemctl stop and start functions while screaming curses at the abomination that is systemd and its deeply ignorant design.
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