[Mimedefang] score USER_IN_WHITELIST_TO

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Mon Nov 20 16:41:43 EST 2017

Marcus Schopen wrote:
> Hi,
> setting
>   whitelist_to
> in sa-mimedefang.cf seems to hit
>   score USER_IN_WHITELIST_TO       -6.0  # they want some spam
> spamassassin score, so the score is reduced by a value of 6.0.
> How do I hit the -100 score
>  score USER_IN_WHITELIST		    -100.0
> using sa-mimedefang.cf?

USER_IN_WHITELIST is triggered by matching a whitelist_from (not 
recommended) or whitelist_from_rcvd entry.  There are matching rules for 
results based on whitelist_from_dkim, whitelist_from_spf, or whitelist_auth.

None of these are based on the recipient;  they are all based on the sender.

USER_IN_WHITELIST_TO applies to all mail for a given recipient;  IMO 
it's a crude hack to work around cases where whatever is calling SA 
can't use the SA userprefs system to just change the threshold instead. 
 From MIMEDefang you also have the potential issue that a message may 
have more than one recipient;  if you want to apply per-recipient 
policies you'll have to use stream_by_recipient to keep all the 
management in MIMEDefang.

If you really want to apply a -100 score to a *recipient*, you're 
probably better off altering your MD call to SpamAssassin to just not 
pass mail for that recipient to SA in the first place.


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