[Mimedefang] Mimedefang with postfix. Process memory usage over time.

Dianne Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Sun Nov 12 11:30:14 EST 2017

On Fri, 10 Nov 2017 18:44:20 -0500
Robert Theisen <trobert at redhat.com> wrote:

> Did you find anything of concern in the mimedefang process on your
> host that was consuming 8GB RAM?

No, and here's the weird thing.  I attached using gdb and forced a
core dump.  The core file was only 98MB in size.  I have no idea what
would cause that.

The mail server is very busy and mimedefang would have hundreds of threads
going, so I can easily see a 98MB process image with all of the threads'

I'm sorry, but this has me stumped.



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