[Mimedefang] Error with mimedefang + clamd

Info @ brainwash info at brainwash.gr
Wed Nov 22 10:11:03 EST 2017


I have installed MIMEDefang 2.8.3 from the EPEL repository on a Centos
7-4.1708.el7.centos.x86_64 VM. I have also installed CLAMAV as clamd (daemon
- v0.99.2/24063) under user clamscan and I have also configured
clamav-milter to integrate it with Postfix. All of them run successfully.

I then configured MIMEDefang to scan mails using clamd and not only perform
Spam check via SpamAssassin. MIMEDefang runs under the user defang. User
degang is a member of the clamscan group and vice versa. The
/var/spool/MIMEDefang/ directory has rights 0766 and belongs to user
defang:defang (it is been reset to these values every time the mimedefang
service restarts or the server reboots).

Clam has been unable to scan for e-mails when received by MIMEDefang,
producing the following error in the log:

WARNING: lstat() failed on: /var/spool/MIMEDefang/mdefang-UB1us0i/Work

. and within maillog:

Clamd returned error: lstat() failed: Permission denied
Problem running virus scanner: code=999, category=swerr, action=tempfail
filter:  tempfail=1
Tempfailing because filter instructed us to

>From what I found when Googling this error, the issue is that MIMEDefang
cannot create the work directory thus Clam cannot find the file to scan. I
tried to make the directory 0777 and even change the users using chown, to
no effect.

Can anyone help with this error as MIMEDefang cannot work with clam? Running
clam as user defang is not an option unfortunately due to admin

Thank you

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