[Mimedefang] Empty Variables in filter_recipient

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Can I presume there isn't an answer for this question?

I didn't receive a decline either.

Kind regards

Jente Busschodts

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Subject: Empty Variables in filter_recipient


Since a few I'm experiencing problems with a project I'm making with MIMEDefang.
I created a  sub filter_recipient  (mimedefang.pl):

      sub filter_recipient
            my $testString = "Test";
            my ($recipient, $sender, $rest_of_the_junk) = @_;
            my $x = $Recipients[0];
            if   (open(RECIPFILE, '>>all_recipients')) {
                  print RECIPFILE "$sender - $recipient - $testString - $x";
                  close (RECIPFILE);

In this sub I put the $sender, 2 times the current recipient (different ways) and a teststring in a file.
I read this file again in my filter (mimedefang-filter) and append it to the mailbody with a string.

This works, only is $sender, $recipient and $x empty. The $testString is hower showing.

OUTPUT: "- - TEST -"

Is there any explanation why $Recipients(@Recipients) and $sender are empty?

After some testing I found out that he sees 3 entries in the @Recipients when I send the mail to 3 recipients (same for other amount of recipients, he sees the amounts but empty)

Kind regards

Jente Busschodts

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