[Mimedefang] adding promotional banner to top of email

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Wed Jun 21 10:32:54 EDT 2017

Mark Coetser wrote:
> I know html email is not ideal but unfortunately most customers use it
> now days. I am currently using append_html_boilerplate to add signatures
> etc and now a client has requested that we add promotional banners to
> the top of all html emails. I have searched and just cant find anything
> that relates to doing this with mimedefang, any pointers please?

You'll probably have to deconstruct append_html_boilerplate's internals, 
and build a custom prepend_html_boilerplate sub to suit.

<snark>Also, please let us know who this is, so the rest of us can block 
their mail...</snark>

(Seriously, this is a bad idea.  Marketing emails should be composed 
complete, not modified in transit, and any company that started stuffing 
non-marketing mail full of promotional crap - particularly at the *top* 
of the message, as your client is asking for - is likely one that would 
lose my business, and the same with many other people.  Companies are 
also starting to get fined for pushing the limits like this;  if someone 
has unsubscribed from the newsletter/marketing emails, they DO. NOT. 
WANT. PROMOTIONAL. CONTENT. - and the regulators are listening to 


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