[Mimedefang] check_against_smtp_server() with STARTTLS and AUTH support

Franz Schwartau franz at electromail.org
Mon Jul 31 11:16:01 EDT 2017

Hi Dianne, hi list members,

I appreciate md_check_against_smtp_server() supplied by mimedefang.pl
very much. But it lacks two - IMHO - important features: ESMTP AUTH and

In 2013 - where is the time gone? - I posted a version of
md_check_against_smtp_server() that supports ESMTP AUTH:


Adding support for STARTTLS this way seems to be too extensive. So I
started an alternate implementation of check_against_smtp_server() using


It runs on our production servers for a week by now without any problems.

Feel free to use it. If you have any comments please let me know.

	Best regards

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