[Mimedefang] Delaying 2xx as long as possible with stream_by_xyz()

Kevin A. McGrail KMcGrail at PCCC.com
Thu Jan 26 22:50:46 EST 2017


I was thinking about a scenario with stream_by_recipient or 
stream_by_domain where I want to delay accepting responsibility for the 
email as long as possible.

In filter_begin when we call stream_by_xyz, have we accepted the mail?  
Or can we still do interactive SMTP responses?

If not, can we do interactive SMTP responses such as checking the helo 
values, then stream the messages to process it per domain or per recipient?

I can't find it documented, but I seem to remember that once you stream 
the messages per domain or per recipient, that you've given a 2xx DSN 
and closed the session.  So if you then later find you want to decline, 
you have to generate a bounce.

Any pointers appreciated especially if this is a milter limitation or an 
MD framework limitation that I can figure out a way around!


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