[Mimedefang] replacing body

Michael Fox news at mefox.org
Sun Dec 3 20:45:36 EST 2017

Sorry if this is a dumb question from a Perl newbie.  Still learning.


Previously, Dianne provided some pseudo-code for use in filter_end to
recursively traverse the MIME tree and rebuild it.  I didn't forget that.
But for someone new to MIMEDefang and Perl, and for my first version of the
filter, I'm trying to get as much done as possible using the automated
traversal provided by filter() and filter_multipart().


Reading MIME::Entity doc, is says that "bodyhandle [VALUE]" can be used to
Get or Set.


And currently, I've been using it to GET the bodyhandle inside filter():


    $bh = $entity->bodyhandle

    $bh_string = $bh->as_string;


Now supposed I'd like to substitute $new_string as the new body.  How do I
do that?





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