Amit Gupta amit777 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 01:52:15 EDT 2017

Hi, I wanted to get a better understanding of of the nuances of
ALLOW_NEW_CONNECTIONS_TO_QUEUE in a high volume burst scenario.


Assume a burst of emails comes in and all 20 md processes are busy working.
1) What should the 21st and higher connecting  clients experience?
2) Is there a configurable limit to the number of queued connections?
3) What's the downside of letting the connections queue other than
holding open more TCP connections?
4) Any other tips on the settings you use in production?

The reason I'm asking is because we recently had a burst of traffic
that caused the IO on our server to go up to a point where everything
became unresponsive for a couple minutes.  We had our MX_MAXIMUM set
to 110.

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