[Mimedefang] Get recipients

Kevin A. McGrail KMcGrail at PCCC.com
Wed Apr 12 13:56:38 EDT 2017

On 4/12/2017 5:12 AM, Stagiair 2. Cisa wrote:
> I'm working directly into the mimedefang.pl now.
> Same problem as before, the size of the array is right but it has empty values.
> Could this be the result of using an EFA-server?  (https://efa-project.org/about/)
> It uses postfix instead of sendmail.
> Or do you have any other ideas why it's not filling up?

Hi Staigiair,

I use MD with both postfix and sendmail and use @Recipients without 
concern.  You have something fundamentally wrong as this is really a 
basic issue.

@Recipients might not be set in filter_recipient.  And if you are using 
add_recipient, it doesn't change.  I don't think there are many other 

So if the array length is changing but the array values are not, I can 
only extrapolate that there is something very odd.

Best if you post a filter for us to look at.

Or if you know you have logging working, in filter_begin add this:

my ($output);

foreach my $recip (@Recipients) {

$output .= " $recip ";



And test what you see in your logs.

Untested while grabbing lunch, but that basic code must work or you are 
fundamentally building on a flawed foundation.


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