[Mimedefang] conditionally add boilerplate in message with more than one recipient

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Thu Sep 22 17:33:21 EDT 2016

On 09/22/2016 11:54 AM, Vieri Di Paola wrote:
>> From: "Richard Laager" <rlaager at wiktel.com>
>>> It's a typo, I presume? In my example, user at domain.com wants the boilerplate and user at domain.org doesn't. So I guess you meant "resend to user at domain.com, 
>>> delete_recipient(user at domain.org) and add boilerplate", right?
>> No, I don't think so? If ORG does NOT WANT boilerplate, then you resend
>> to ORG and delete ORG, as resending sends the original, unmodified, no
>> boilerplate message. Then you add boilerplate for the remaining
>> recipient, which is COM, who WANTS the boilerplate.
> OK, got it. However, I want all the filtering stuff in the filter*() functions to be applied to the "resent" message to ORG, except the boilerplate. I guess it's not possible because resend_message resends the ORIGINAL message and won't be processed.

When the message is resent, you'll see it again in another run of the
filter. That's your opportunity to do what you need for the ORG
recipient. Craft your filter very careful in light of this!


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