[Mimedefang] Multiple MIMEDefang instances (was Re: strip down mimedefang-filter to sub filter_recipient for md_check_against_smtp_server checks)

Marcus Schopen lists at localguru.de
Tue Oct 11 14:25:36 EDT 2016

Hi Dianne,

Am Dienstag, den 11.10.2016, 13:10 -0400 schrieb Dianne Skoll:
> On Tue, 11 Oct 2016 18:07:42 +0200
> Marcus Schopen <lists at localguru.de> wrote:
> > I run milter-greylist and I don't want to run messages into
> > greylisting before I checked if recipients are valid (fills up
> > greylisting database with non existing recipients).
> You can do greylisting from within MIMEDefang.  I'm sure there's some sample
> code in the archives.  That's the way I'd do it.

Hmmm, to be honest I'm not the perl guru to implement all features I use
from milter-greylist in mimedefang. So, running two mimedefang instances
is the solution then?


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