[Mimedefang] strip down mimedefang-filter to sub filter_recipient for md_check_against_smtp_server checks

Marcus Schopen lists at localguru.de
Fri Oct 7 08:49:16 EDT 2016


I'd like to start a second mimedefang instance, which is called before
milter-greylist. This mimedefang should only check if recipients on
internal hosts exist, so incoming emails for non existing recipients
don't run into milter-greylist. 
 I striped down the mimedefang-filter example to "sub filter_recipient"
where I run some "md_check_against_smtp_server"-checks against internals
host and removed all other subs (= filter_bad_filename, filter_begin,
filter, filter_multipart, defang_warning, filter_end). Seems to work,
but anything wrong about this?


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