[Mimedefang] Sender Address Verification

Simon Standley si at yacc.co.uk
Sat Nov 19 07:01:50 EST 2016


In conversations on this list in days gone by, I seem to recall sender address verification via the likes of smf-sav milter, or through mimedefang, was considered evil heresy, likely to get you blacklisted.

Recently though, I've seen an increasing number of recipients do this kind of thing when we send mail out, and personally I've always liked the idea. 

For this reason, I've been trying out various schemes on a test domain, and find tagging mail which cannot be replied to (for reason of non-existent user, rather than broken DNS) for later 'mark-up' by SpamAssassin, works quite well.

I was wondering what current thoughts were re- this kind of approach, and if anyone else had good/bad results to share?

Thanks & All the Best


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