[Mimedefang] Found typo in module (./script/mimedefang-util @ v2.78)...

Fred de Brouwer brouwer.f at xs4all.nl
Wed May 25 16:36:25 EDT 2016


While trying to sort out the behaviour of a new type of malware 
I found a typo in the shebang line in one of the perl-modules:

It it missing the path to the perl binary...
It’s not a big, problem the tool can be started by prepending perl
on the command line. It would be nice to be corrected in future releases.


This is the list of files having the perl-shebang line: (contrib filtered)

~/src/mimedefang-2.78$ grep -R '#!.*perl’ .  | grep -v contrib
./mimedefang-notify.7:#!/usr/bin/perl -w
./script/mimedefang-util:#!perl -w            <- misses the path "/usr/bin/"
./mimedefang-notify.7.in:#!/usr/bin/perl -w

Met vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
 Fred de Brouwer

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