[Mimedefang] long dns timeouts when first dns in /etc/resolv.conf is down

Marcus Schopen lists at localguru.de
Mon Mar 14 09:11:38 EDT 2016


I had a strange behaviour this weekend: the first of two dns server of
my hoster in /etc/resolv.conf was down. The second dns server was
working. Mimedefang/Spamassassin didn't like that. I had very long dns
time outs for remote checks. It took over a minute for an email to run
through mimedefang. System wide dns worked fine, eg. like pinging
domains. After removing the "down" dns server from /etc/resolv.conf  and
restarting sendmail and mimedefang emails went through within a second
again. It shouldn't make a difference to mimedefang if one of the dns
server is down. Any ideas?


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