[Mimedefang] add_recipient and delete_recipient

Javier Kohan jktmp01 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 16:21:19 EDT 2016

Hello, Im  trying to use those functions in filter_recipient and they
seem not to work, at least in the way I use them.

The inteded use is to check incoming mail for some particular users in a
border gateway  and in case they match, rewrite their domain so
sendmail, via mailertable, can send  to another server instead.


filter_recipient {
if( $recipient meets some condition ) {

    #  change userX at domain1.com to userX at domain2.com.
    #    change_domain() is checked to work
    $newrec=change_domain($recipient)    ;
    delete_recipient($recipient)  # $recipient is the unmodified
argument of filter_recipient
return ( 'CONTINUE', 'ok' );

I checked via md_syslog in various places: the match, the values of
$recipient and $newrec, but sendmail logs shows the address unmodified
and sends it to domain1`s server

Is there anything wrong on how I assume those functions do work ?. Are
they restricted to only some filter_* and don´t work in
filter_recipient, or anything else I can be missing ?



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