[Mimedefang] Virus notification to virus administrator

Juergen Kleff juergen.kleff at gmx.de
Thu Jan 7 07:28:09 EST 2016


Am Donnerstag Januar 7 2016 12:25 schrieb jan hugo prins:
> Hi,
> I'm currently trying to replace amavisd-new with mimedefang, but one
> thing is currently really stopping me from going on.
> We have a requirement to send a notification to an internal security
> list for all virusses detected including a scanner report, and a
> quarantine location for the mimepart. The only thing I can find is a
> action_discard when a virus has been found and everything I find on
> the internet suggests that it is not possible to send any
> notification.
> We _don't_ want to bounce a notification to the sender of the
> orriginal message because this is almost always faked.

action_bounce() does not bounce to the (possibly faked) sender-adress, 
but to the sending mail-server.

> Does anyone have a working sollution for this?

what about action_quarantine_entire_message(), which also sends a mail 
to the mimedefang-admin, and action_notify_administrator()? And there 
is add_recipient() and delete_recipient(), which might be useful in 
your case.

hth a bit ...

> Jan Hugo Prins
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