[Mimedefang] Understanding the -q flag

Amit Gupta amit777 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 15:16:49 EST 2016

I saw in the documentation that the -q flag will allow mimedefang to
accept more connections than the number of mimedefang slaves and it
will queue connections if the slave limit is exceeded.  I wanted to
understand the implications and potential downsides of enabling this

So if your slave limit is 100 and they are all processing emails, but
you need to process 500 emails that moment, does this mean 400 emails
will be queued for processing as soon as the slaves start freeing up?
Does this open up a potential denial of service attack? or is it
relatively light-weight to keep a connection in queue?  Any other
gotchas we should be aware of that may not be explicitly mentioned in
the docs?

Thank you!

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