[Mimedefang] Installed FPScan and it's just hanging and then timing out.

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Thu Feb 4 16:10:42 EST 2016

AH, sorry I guess I wasn't very clear,  I never made any changes to mimedefang.pl, just extracted the calling methods for it to see if it was something related to that (the way fpscan was being called) that was causing the hang

The extracted code at the bottom of the email worked when called with eg perl test.pl and didn't hang (using the same calling code that mimedefang does)

I've not been able to get fpscan working at all within the mimedefang environment yet.



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I'm having a hard time following what you did.  Can you post a diff of the old non-working mimedefang.pl vs the new, working mimedefang.pl?


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