[Mimedefang] add_header all RelaysUntrusted _RELAYSUNTRUSTED_

Marcus Schopen lists at localguru.de
Mon Dec 12 17:57:09 EST 2016

Am Montag, den 12.12.2016, 17:46 -0500 schrieb Kevin A. McGrail:
> On 12/12/2016 5:30 PM, Marcus Schopen wrote:
> > I'd like to set a "add_header all RelaysUntrusted _RELAYSUNTRUSTED_" to
> > my headers, to see in case of IPs in trusted_networks on which IPs
> > dnsrbl and dnswl checks run on. But putting this to sa-mimedefang.cf has
> > no effect.
> My first thought is if you have restarted MD.  Darxus on the SA Mailing 
> List might also have some input if it's not something simple because 
> that is the right command.

Hmmm ... I did a reread and after your email a stop/start, but the
header doesn't come up.


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