[Mimedefang] Connecting Clamd via inet socket?

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Mon Dec 5 11:55:29 EST 2016

Benoit Panizzon wrote:
> Hi all
> Does anyone know, if it's possible to use
> ClamdSock = "host:port";
> in MIMEDefang?
> I found very old posts stating, that clamd can only scan local files,
> thus has to be called on the machine the file resides.
> Is still this the case, or can the content to be scanned streamed via
> inet socket to a clamd host?

Not with the built-in Clam support.

What we did on our outbound mail cluster was to call clamdscan on a
slightly modified copy INPUTMSG (something we needed for other
processing anyway), and parse the results.  Originally we also used
--config-file with several config files set either per-server,
randomized on MD child initialization, or randomized per call to
pseudo-randomize which clamd host got tried;  at the time we ran into
some strange issues running clamd behind a Linux LVM load-balancer.  We
tried again recently and it runs fine behind LVM so now we just use one
standard config file to direct the call to the load-balancer IP.

It works quite well, although pushing mail messages back and forth over
a network socket like that eats local bandwidth - I'd suggest making
sure that activity runs on a physically separate NIC to a private network.


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