[Mimedefang] Poll: Who uses the "filter_tick" and "map" functionality of MIMEDefang? (-X and -N options to mimedefang-multiplexor)

Anne Bennett anne at encs.concordia.ca
Wed Apr 27 14:21:15 EDT 2016

> 1) Does anyone use the "-X n" feature that calls a function called
> filter_tick every "n" seconds?  If not... I'd like to nuke.

Not used here.

> 2) Does anyone use the "-N map_sock" feature that provides a
> SOCKETMAP to Sendmail 8.13+?  If not... again, I'd like to nuke.

Not used here but was hoping to find time to play with it, someday.
Serious cool factor.  ;-)  But "someday" might never happen.  :-(

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