[Mimedefang] Poll: Who uses the "filter_tick" and "map" functionality of MIMEDefang? (-X and -N options to mimedefang-multiplexor)

Dale Moore Dale.Moore at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Apr 27 13:47:12 EDT 2016

I used to use filter_tick to basically do keep-alives on the tcp connection
from the milter to a database or ldap server.  This, I hoped,
would solve the problem of the remote server silently
closing the connection down because of inactivity.

I found that it was more appropriate to instead
  - Keep track of approx last time the connection was used.
  - And if the last time it was used was larger than some threshold
   =  I would first issue a noop or other low cost operation
   = If the noop failed, I would reestablish the connection
   = If the noop succeeded, I would merely continue

So I no longer need the filter_tick function.

(Nor do I use the '-N sock_map' feature.)

Thanks for asking,

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Hi, all,

I'm looking at stripping out unused features from MIMEDefang.

1) Does anyone use the "-X n" feature that calls a function called
filter_tick every "n" seconds?  If not... I'd like to nuke.

2) Does anyone use the "-N map_sock" feature that provides a
SOCKETMAP to Sendmail 8.13+?  If not... again, I'd like to nuke.



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