[Mimedefang] Embedded Perl

Paul Orr Paul.Orr at magnumsemi.com
Mon Sep 21 17:17:05 EDT 2015

If embedded perl is the same as compiled perl then I would guess the
speed-up comes from not having to interpret a perl script with the perl
interpreter.   Or am I off-base here?

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Hi, I'm using Centos7.1 and mimedefang 2.75 (still need to upgrade to
latest). The documentation indicates that if you start mimedefang with
the -E parameter, it uses embedded perl which is supposedly faster.  I
was wondering if someone could give me insight into why it's actually
faster under the hood?  And maybe any anecdotal or real statistics on
how much faster.   Also, should embedded perl be enabled by default?
I see a --disable-embedded-perl option in the configure script. I did
not configure my system to disable embedded perl, however when I try
to experiment with the -E option, mimedefang complains that I did not
enable embedded perl..

Thank you!
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