[Mimedefang] Weird Issue in mimedefang-filter.

Peter Benac ppbenac at emacolet.com
Mon Nov 9 16:15:53 EST 2015

Sorry Matt.  I am looking at the default mimedefang-filter and the variable
name was a typo on my part.   $req and $hits  are both nulled out.

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On 11/9/2015 2:57 PM, Peter Benac wrote:
> everything is getting marked as spam.   For some reason in the subroutine
> filter_end between the call to spam_assassin_check and the call to 
> action_delete_header the contents of $reg and $hits is being stomped 
> on (set

You haven't given us any of your code, but using the example filter as a
reference, the variable is "$req" rather than "$reg".  Is that the issue?

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