[Mimedefang] Wide character in print at /usr/bin/mimedefang.pl

vieri at openmailbox.org vieri at openmailbox.org
Wed Mar 11 13:22:19 EDT 2015

On 2015-03-10 20:20, vieri at openmailbox.org wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed that a decade ago some users detected "Wide character in
> print" messages in their mimedefang logs.
> It was supposedly fixed by adding
> export LC_ALL=C
> in the mimedefang init script.
> (perl unicode issue)
> However, my Linux distro (Gentoo) runs the following in the mimedefang
> init script:
> export LC_ALL
> but I'm occasionally getting the "Wide character in print" messages.
> I'm running v 2.75 and Perl 5.18.2.
> Any ideas?

Hi again,

Just wanted to add that I modified /usr/bin/mimedefang.pl for debugging 


sub action_notify_sender ($) {
     if (open(FILE, ">>NOTIFICATION")) {
<------>md_syslog('err', "action_notify_sender print FILE $msg");

If I check the logs, this is what I get (basically I have a custom 
filter which calls action_notify_sender with the name of each attached 

action_notify_sender print FILE ComposicioÌ..pdf

So mimedefang and perl are choking on non-ASCII characters with "Wide 
character in print" messages.

Unfortunately the consequence of all this is that some e-mail messages 
aren't processed and are kept in the queue and not sent:

Mar 11 18:19:38 mail1 mimedefang-multiplexor[31444]: A0C4A326EB1: Slave 
1 stderr: open body: Invalid argument at 
/usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.18.2/MIME/Entity.pm line 1878.
Mar 11 18:19:38 mail1 mimedefang-multiplexor[31444]: Slave 1 died 
prematurely -- check your filter rules
Mar 11 18:19:38 mail1 mimedefang-multiplexor[31444]: Reap: slave 1 (pid 
24968) exited normally with status 22 (SLAVE DIED UNEXPECTEDLY)
Mar 11 18:19:38 mail1 mimedefang-multiplexor[31444]: Slave 1 resource 
usage: req=28, scans=4, user=7.350, sys=0.140, nswap=0, majflt=0, 
minflt=11770, maxrss=51348, bi=0, bo=0
Mar 11 18:19:38 mail1 mimedefang[31462]: A0C4A326EB1: Error from 
multiplexor: ERR No response from slave



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