[Mimedefang] Quick question about Windows ISO encoding vs UTF-8

Albert E. Whale aewhale at spam-zapper.com
Tue Feb 17 16:15:26 EST 2015

I was working with a friend that was sending out Emails and they would 
arrive with the content all broken up.

Since no on else was having a similar problem, I pointed out several 
references and we finally found that by changing  the encoding of the 
message (using Outlook - or LookOut as I call it!) from Windows ISO to 
UTF-8 everything worked as expected.

I did not see anything in Sendmail. Clamav, or Mimedefang which senses 
the encoding, so is this totally a Windows exercise in futility or what 
does this encoding format do?  (besides break email delivery)

Thank you.

Albert E. Whale
aewhale at Spam-Zapper.com

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