[Mimedefang] umask, mimedefang, clamd and spamassassin

Steve Hanselman steveh at brendata.co.uk
Mon Feb 2 09:13:31 EST 2015

I've searched the lists and a number of people have reported permission

This typically comes from the files in Work not having group access even
though the MD_ALLOW_GROUP_ACCESS is set and the processes run with the
-G flag.

I've just run strace over a session and it would appear that
spamassassin modifies the umask, which probably explains the issue (it
also depends which tests you have enabled in spamassassin if you grep
the tree).

I'll check the entire details later but I think that mimedefang needs to
reset the umask after it has called spamassassin, this is the likely
cause for a number of the lstat errors with clamd.


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