[Mimedefang] Fwd: Re: clamav vs clamd vs clamscan

Cliff Hayes chayes at afo.net
Sun Oct 12 15:18:53 EDT 2014

I tried your idea.
I updated the following in clamd.conf:
LocalSocket /var/run/clamav/clamd.socket
PidFile /var/run/clamav/clamd.pid
User clamav

Now I get this error when starting clamd:
ERROR: Can't open/parse the config file /usr/local/etc/clamd.conf
I am starting as root as instructed in clamd.conf
I have gotten that error before ... it usually means there is a user 
issue.  When I go back to running as root it knows to look in /etc/ for 

On 10/10/2014 11:27 PM, Richard Laager wrote:
> If you still have problems, make sure you run MIMEDefang with the -G
> option. If your MIMEDefang is packaged like mine, set
> MD_ALLOW_GROUP_ACCESS=yes in /etc/default/mimedefang.
> This causes MIMEDefang to use a umask that allows group readability.

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