[Mimedefang] Access to sendmail marco client_addr

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Mon May 5 06:19:23 EDT 2014


We use MIMEdefang in conjunction with postfix.

Postfix does not set a macro if_addr. According to the Postfix Milter 
documentation, all milters should use client_addr instead.

According to the MIMEDefang documentation, read_commands_file would populate 
if_addr but does not populate client_addr.

Is there a way to tell MIMEDefang to also pull client_addr?

Of could someone tell me a better solution for that situation?

We keep a history of the users which authenticated via smtp during the last 
hour and look at how many ip addresses are involved. If the number of 
different ip addresses is over a thereshold, we disable the user because of 
suspected phished password.

Now we also have users using our webmail. The webmail uses the users 
credential for smtp auth, but comes from one specific IP address. We don't 
notice if a botnet starts abusing our webmail. But the webmail adds an extra 
header telling the IP of the HTTP client.

I would like to do something like this in filter_begin:

if ($SendmailMacros{client_addr} eq $webmailip) {
	look for the IP that sent that email via HTTP;
	insert into LoginHistory (tstamp, auth_user, HTTP_ip);

Wo how can I access the client_ip from within filter_begin?

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