[Mimedefang] Any Sophie users out there?

Anne Bennett anne at encs.concordia.ca
Tue Mar 18 13:01:08 EDT 2014

I wonder if there are any other Sophie users out there?

Sophos has announced that they're retiring v4 of "Sophos
Anti-Virus for {Linux,Unix}" this April, and I have no idea
if v9 will be compatible with Sophie (haven't tried it yet),
but since Sophie has apparently had no development since about
2004, I have a Very Bad Feeling about this...

I'm using it via "message_contains_virus_sophie" (MIMEDefang
2.58 - yes, I know I should upgrade).  If anyone out there
has taken a stab at making Sophie 3.05 work with Sophos v9,
I'd love to know what your experience was.

Ms. Anne Bennett, Senior Sysadmin, ENCS, Concordia University, Montreal H3G 1M8
anne at encs.concordia.ca                                    +1 514 848-2424 x2285

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