[Mimedefang] how do I train bayes MySQL when relayed

Justin Edmands shockwavecs at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 19:47:22 EDT 2014

Seems like lots of spam is slipping past. In turn, I would like to
train/retrain my bayes database for the defang user. This is certainly
just a relay so the mail is in and out without being stored. How do I
train the database when it's MySQL. Do I need to go to my MDA and pull
the .msg files and feed them to the sa-learn program?

Also, in the actual database I wanted to see the spam and ham count.
Seems like so much ham and not much spam collected. Any reason this is

mysql> select id,username,spam_count,ham_count,token_count from
| id | username | spam_count | ham_count | token_count |
|  1 | defang   |        404 |     15794 |      203108 |

These might be dumb questions...sorry if RTFM is the only solution and
I missed it somehow.

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