[Mimedefang] Builds for MacOS X?

John Nemeth jnemeth at cue.bc.ca
Wed Jan 29 22:22:20 EST 2014

On Jan 29,  5:17pm, Philip Prindeville wrote:
} I have some clients that are MacOS X shops, including using a
} Mac server box as their mail server.
} They currently don't use Mimedefang, but I'm trying to sell them
} on the idea.
} MacOS already ships with Perl, SpamAssassin and Postfix, of
} course, so adding Mimedefang should be a no-brainer.
} Problem is, they don't want to build from sources, install, and
} then customize the config (other than mimedefang-filter, of
} course).  They want a drop-in .dmg or .pkg file they can use.
} Problem is, I don't know of anyone doing MacOS builds and I'm
} not seeing any references to MacOS in the sources.  Not seeing
} any project builder files, either.

     pkgsrc, a spinoff off of NetBSD, has support for many OSes
including MacOS X.  There are quarterly releases.  There were 10,111
binary packages built for MacOS X in the last quarterly release.

     Here's a link to the last quarterly release announcement:
http://mail-index.netbsd.org/pkgsrc-users/2013/12/31/msg019107.html .

     Here's a link to an announcement for the binary packages:
http://mail-index.netbsd.org/pkgsrc-users/2014/01/11/msg019175.html .

     Any questions should probably be taken off-line or to one of
the pkgsrc mailing lists, as this is off-topic for this list.

} Am I missing something?
} Is there an obvious reason that Mimedefang isn't used with MacOS?
}-- End of excerpt from Philip Prindeville

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