[Mimedefang] Can I get MimeDefang to email alert me when a customer server is on an RBL

Jon Rowlan jon.rowlan at sads.com
Wed Feb 26 03:30:35 EST 2014

> If the spam is being relayed out through your filter, your IP address
is likely to be the one that will get blacklisted.  It will 
> be seen as the source of the spam.  You might want to look into rate
limiting your customers as well as scanning the messages.

To a certain extent that is already being done but these are small
emails and they typically go out on a Saturday and even rate limiting
still sees a hell of a lot of mail going out.

It just makes sense for me to RBL check the sending servers because that
is where the problem is and indeed we are finding these sending servers
listed on RBL servers - ours does not seem to get blacklisted.

One of our ISP's is able to notify us when there is an issue from one of
our client ISP's and we jump on and clean up the infection. I'd just
like to do the same at my server.


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