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Jon Rowlan jon.rowlan at sads.com
Sat Dec 13 17:28:46 EST 2014

> I'm not fully sure of your overall goal, but if your question is about
a regex to parse your sample 
> line above, then how about something generally like this:
> my $line = "Domain.com          esmtp:[]:[]";
> my ( $domain, $proto, $relays ) = ( $line =~
m/^(\S+)\s+(e?smtp)(:.+)$/i ); my @relays = ( $relays =~ 
> m/:\[([^]]+)\]/g );

Hi Matt, 

This has been driving me nuts all day

I first tried to replace Larry's Regex with yours directly thus:

if( $mailerlookuptable{$domain} =~ m/^(\S+)\s+(e?smtp)(:.+)$/i ) {

And it simply failed to work although using your code directly in an
external PL script worked fine.

I then reverted to Larry's exact regex which I am positive worked last
week but now fails completely.

At first I thought that maybe there was a problem with not using Untie
but a reboot of the sever makes no difference.

In my filter initialize I have:

        require DB_File;
        use Fcntl;
        tie %mailerlookuptable, "DB_File",
"/etc/mail/mailerlookuptable.db", O_RDONLY;
        md_syslog('warning', "JWR00115 open return");

In filter_recipient I have my own personal domain for testing purposes
like this:

        if (index(lc $rcpt_addr,'rowlan.co.uk') != -1) {

                ($user,$domain) = split /\@/, $rcpt_addr;
                md_syslog('warning', "JWR00115 checking user $user
against domain $domain");

                # m = match operator
                # to be matched between //
                # trailing i = case insensitive
                # ^ beginning of line symbol
                # () grouping together
                # \S = match non whitespace character
                # + = one or more times
                # \s = match whitespace character
                # ? = match 1 or 0 times
                # $ = end of line ... i.e. the text has to end at the
end of line, we are looking for EOL

			# temporarily remmed 
                # if( $mailerlookuptable{$domain} =~
m/^(\S+)\s+(e?smtp)(:.+)$/i ) {

                $host = hostname;

                if( $mailerlookuptable{$domain} =~ /^smtp:\[(.+)\]/ ){
                        md_syslog('warning', "JWR00115 I am host $host
checking recipient $rcpt_addr against server $1 for domain $domain with
				   # don't do anything for real yet
                        # return md_check_against_smtp_server($sender,
$rcpt_addr, $host, $1);
                        return ("CONTINUE", "OK");
                } else {
                        md_syslog('warning', "JWR00115 not matched");
                        return ("CONTINUE", "OK");


And I always get the "not matched" message.

Am I either going mad or doing something silly? I am sure that I am
suffering from code blindness !



p.s. Regex ... ouch ! Hard work indeed !!! :-)

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