[Mimedefang] Axigen with mimedefang

G.W. Haywood mimedefang at jubileegroup.co.uk
Tue Apr 29 11:16:58 EDT 2014

Hi there,

On Tue, 29 Apr 2014, Fabian Santiago wrote:

> i saw that filter. do I simply comment out the rest of the filters
> in the file to avoid trying to run them?

No, do not do that, you will want them in there, and soon you might
want to modify them to suit your requirements.

If you have installed the Archive::Zip module, then when you restart
MIMEDefang it should find the module and use it automatically.  You
can then modify the code fragment 'filter_bad_filename' if you need
to, but (if my understanding of what you want to do is correct) then
you should not need to.  If I have forgotten something that I should
have told you, no doubt someone else will tell you. :)

There is a lot of documentation, which you should start reading soon!
See the file README in the source distribution, the section entitled
CONFIGURATION.  It tells you what to read next.  If you have not yet
found the 'man' utility, at a command prompt on the machine filtering
your mail type

man mimedefang-filter

Like a lot of Unix-style documentation, some of the English is very
tersely written, and that can be especially difficult for people who
are not native English speakers.  However when you become familiar
with the way these things are done you will hopefully find it easier
to navigate the documentation.

> ... I'm new to mimedefang ...

We've noticed, and we've all been there. :)



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