[Mimedefang] md_syslog not working Mimedefang 2.71

Jon Rowlan jon.rowlan at sads.com
Thu Apr 24 00:50:30 EDT 2014

>> Might be a stupid question, but anyway: are you sure that you have a
syslog daemon installed.

Not really a stupid question Kees, I hadn't checked that :-)

I am using Wheezy and this is a clean new install and not an upgrade. 
Syslogd is a virtual package as far as I can tell from Aptitude. It's
the only thing listed when I search for sysklogd.

ps reports that I have rsyslogd running ..

2004     1  0 Apr23 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/rsyslogd -c5

I get basic mail.log logging ok, just not the md_syslog extra detail
which is why I raised logging level for Milters and sendmail.


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