[Mimedefang] ADMINISTRIVIA: Yahoo users may not post to this mailing list

wbrown at e1b.org wbrown at e1b.org
Wed Apr 23 12:51:10 EDT 2014

Les wrote on 04/23/2014 12:29:40 PM:

> That's ummm, interesting, that you can't see their example format
> without a login.   But it looks like they want to rewrite the
> Reply-To: as the original sender which seems very wrong, at least for
> technical lists where most posters would never want to request a
> private reply.    And doing anything 'selectively' also seems wrong if
> you ever expect users to catch on to how a system works.

Sorry about that login to unmask issue...  Here is the full text of that 
post on the LISTSERV List Owner's Forum:

This is posted from my yahoo.com account to illustrate L-Soft's solution 
to the From: address re-write issue.  We think it is superior because it 
works as follows:

-LISTSERV does a DNS lookup on the From: address to see if a re-write for 
DMARC Reject reasons is needed.  We are already handling *@aol.com 
addresses automatically and immediately.

-If From: address re-write is necessary, you can see the format: 
[token]-dmarc-request at LISTSERV.XYZ.COM.  The numerical [token] is unique 
to each LISTSERV instance.

-Reply-To: field is populated with non-rewritten address so private 
reply-to-sender will actually go to sender as expected and not be 
accidentally posted to the list.

-Return-Path: field is also populated with PROBE format non-rewritten 
address so that true bad-addresses bounces can be handled correctly.

-List mail should still filter into the correct mail folder so users will 
not complain about 'lost' mail.

This is a fix server admins can install and forget, and everything just 
works like before. No need for everyone to change their habits and their 
folder rules for incoming mail. No need for special configuration 
settings.  No need to monitor the trade press for daily updates.

The sender's Yahoo address was rewritten to be "Ben Parker 
<00000007fbf933af-dmarc-request at PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM>" where 
peach.ease.lsoft.com is the list host.

The reply-to field is only set on lists configured to reply to sender.  It 
is not set on lists configured to reply to the list.  I am on several 
technical lists (bind-users and dns-operations ) that reply by default to 
the sender.

Yeah, the whole thing sucks.  But unless we come up with a 1,000lb gorilla 
to take on the 800lb gorillas, we'll have to resort to this sort of 
guerrilla warfare.

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