[Mimedefang] skip filtering if smtp auth even for local mail

Ghislain gadnet at aqueos.com
Wed Apr 16 08:37:48 EDT 2014

Le 16/04/2014 13:02, Steffen Kaiser a écrit :
> md_syslog('warning', $RelayAddr . "/" . $SendmailMacros{"auth_authen"})

ok you helped me found the bug as the auth appear there, it seems that 
it was the comparison operator that was not a good perl one

&& ($SendmailMacros{"auth_authen"} != 'monitoringemail')

instead of

&& ($SendmailMacros{"auth_authen"} ne 'monitoringemail')

Thanks a lot for your help i was trying to figure out but was searching 
the wrong way !


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