[Mimedefang] sendmail.cf

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Tue Apr 15 20:57:49 EDT 2014

On the way home I realized... all that was based on the envelope sender, 
and they're checking the header From. I keep forgetting we're in some other 
world where we're not checking the sender. Oh well, it's still nice to keep 
my hand in doing sendmail.cf. It's been a while.

Maybe a compromise is to use MimeDefang to change all cases of:

From: Jane Doe <jdoe at yahoo.com>

into something like:

From: Jane Doe jdoe at yahoo.com <changed at columbia.edu>

and set an alias at changed at columbia.edu that bounces an error. This 
conforms, sort of, to RFC 5322 in that the From line still shows the 
mailbox of the author of the message.

I'm still thinking about it. And yes I do have some other urgent work to do 
besides this nonsense.

Joseph Brennan
Columbia University I T

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