[Mimedefang] Parse and export to database parts

G.W. Haywood mimedefang at jubileegroup.co.uk
Fri Apr 25 03:36:07 EDT 2014

Hi there,

On Thu, 24 Apr 2014, Jeffrey Starin wrote:

> ... We are new to perl

Then you have some work to do, but I promise it will be worth it. :)

Perl is THE text processing language.  If we didn't have Perl, we'd
have to invent it.

Buy and read the following book


You might also buy and read


and perhaps dip into


If you only want to buy one of them, buy the 'Camel' book.  That's the
Perl coder's absolutely-must-have book.  Again, I promise it will be
worth it.  To back up that promise if you don't think so after reading
it three times (that's how many times I had to read it before I could
really say I'd understood it) then I'll buy it from you for the price
advertised in that link, GBP34.10 + free postage, assuming you haven't
trashed the book of course.  My latest copy is only the 3rd edition, I
have two copies each of the first two editions.  This is the only book
amongst the approximately three tonnes of books which I own of which I
have five hard copies.  I also have electronic copies, on the LAN.

> and certainly MIMEdefang and could use some hand-holding.

There are many scripts already posted on this and other mailing lists,
and there are some in the MIMEDefang distribution.  As I said you have
some work to do, but on the bright side I estimate that it's ten times
quicker to get something running in Perl as it is in, say, C.  Just be
aware that Perl can use a lot of resources compared languages like C.



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