[Mimedefang] Connection refused by ... /mimedefang.sock on Debian Squeeze

jm130794 jm130794 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 04:13:10 EDT 2013


We have a problem with MIMEDefang on Debian Squeeze distribution. The
versions of software are :

- Sendmail 8.14.3
- MimeDefang 2.71

All works fine during few hours and suddenly, we get this error in logs :

Milter (mimedefang): error connecting to filter: Connection refused by

Is there a bug in Sendmail or the Milter library ?

The content of our filter is very simple. We only check if the
connected user is in a list of valid users. No Spamassassin or other

We must restart the MIMEDefang daemon for send or receive emails.

Is a problem linked to Debian distribution ?

For now, is there a solution to restart automatiquement the MIMEDefang
daemon when we receive this error ?



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