[Mimedefang] ClamAV effectiveness

David F. Skoll dfs at roaringpenguin.com
Thu Oct 10 12:08:04 EDT 2013

Hi, all,

Has anyone noticed that ClamAV does a pretty poor job lately of
catching viruses?  Here are a few days' worth of statistics from a
reasonably-busy mail server cluster:

            Total messages scanned: 25 814 586
        Viruses detected by ClamAV:     32 147
          Viruses missed by ClamAV:    137 231

The second number is a count of all ".exe" files, so it's conceivable some
are not viruses, but the vast majority are... the number is off by at most 1%.
It seems that over 80% of the viruses passing through our servers are
completely missed by ClamAV.  Opinions?  Experiences?



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