[Mimedefang] How to change envelope sender?

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Thu May 2 08:51:47 EDT 2013

Maybe I can learn something.

Benoit Panizzon <benoit.panizzon at imp.ch> wrote:

> In filter_recipient we check if the recipient is being forwarded to some
> other  Destination.

To my knowledge the recipients are the addresses given in RCPT, not the 
resolved addresses after aliasing and forwarding. So how do you detect that 
the user forwards? Does sendmail provide the resolved address, or do you 
have to mimic what sendmail would do?

> So let's change the sender to the address of the address of the local
> recipient who wants to have his emails forwarded somewhere else. So he
> get's  the blame/bounce if his forward does not work.

I would expect that to loop, since the local recipient forwards to the 
address that is not accepting mail. How do you avoid that?

Joseph Brennan
Columbia University Information Technology

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