[Mimedefang] filter_recipient rejecting entire message instead of individual recipient

Shridhar S Shetty shridhar at staff.ownmail.com
Thu Mar 7 06:02:52 EST 2013


We have a situation where filter_recipient discards messages to entire recipient list when a single recipient gets tempfailed when sending email via email client (Thunderbird).

when filter_recipient tempfails a single recipient in a a multi recipient email, the tempfail code is returned back to the email client and the message is not delivered further.
Please note this happens *only* when the email is sent using email client(thunderbird/outlook etc) and not when sent directly using sendmail. In the latter case only the individual recipient gets tempfailed and message is delivered to rest of the recipients.

a brief code snippet of filter_recipient 
sub filter_recipient {
  my ($check_flag_blockuser) = config_check($user,$domain,6);
  if($check_flag_blockuser == 1){
       return('TEMPFAIL', "User $recivor is temporarily blocked","450","4.2.1");
  some other checks
  return ("CONTINUE","ok");

Is there a config error somewhere?
Any assist would be greatly appreciated. 


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