[Mimedefang] RelayAddr no longer has mx address

Cliff Hayes chayes at afo.net
Sun Jun 16 03:11:28 EDT 2013


I brought a new mail server online today.
I was using version 2.67 and am now using 2.73.
We have 6 mx servers in front of our mail server.
On the mail server (with version 2.67 and previous) the RelayAddr and 
RealRelayAddr fields always contained the IP of the mx server if the 
mail can through an mx server.
This is no longer true and I shudder to think of the impact since much 
custom coding has been done looking at those fields.
Amongst other tings, I was using those fields to determine if email was 
incoming or outgoing.  If an mx IP was in there, then it was an incoming 
email and treated as such, else outgoing.

I would think RealRelayAddr would be different from RelayAddr and one 
should contain the last relay (mx) and one contain the source but they 
are always the same.
How do I determine incoming vs outgoing now?
How can I get the last relay?

Thanks in advance.

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