[Mimedefang] Disable filter on smtp-auth

Michiel Brandenburg apex at xepa.nl
Mon Jan 28 04:39:41 EST 2013

Hoi Jan-Pieter Cornet,

>>          load_sendmail_macros();
> err.. that is not a mimedefang-function. Maybe you meant 'read_commands_file()'? That's only necessary if called from filter_sender or filter_recipient.
Nicely spotted this is a function that I implemented myself using the 
same logic as the read_commands_file function.  Prolly a left over from 
somewhere, not sure why this function still exists.

Added to todo list :)

> Much easier is to just use:
>    if ( $SendmailMacros{auth_authen} ) {
>       # connection has authenticated
>       ...
>    }
> Unless you are doing this check in filter_sender() or filter_recipient() (which is really unlikely if you're doing content filtering), then you will have to call read_commands_file() before doing the test.
The same and less fuss :)


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