[Mimedefang] mimedefang and incoming facebook email

Kees Theunissen C.J.Theunissen at differ.nl
Tue Dec 31 16:30:10 EST 2013

On Tue, 31 Dec 2013, cc wrote:

>I'm using Sendmail with mimedefang.
>Recently a co-worker was having trouble with a company facebook
>account and got Facebook to send her a 'reset-password' email.
>When she received it, it came only with the following message:
>    This message contains a rich-text HTML portion. Consult
>    your mail client's documentation for information on how to
>    view it.
>After I disabled mimedefang, the e-mail went through properly.
>My question is, how come I couldn't find "This message ..."
>in mimedefang's sources?
>I know that mimedefang alters e-mails.  I'm just curious
>as to where this message came from if I can't find it
>in the mimedefang sources.  I guess, ergo, it isn't mimedefang;
>but, re-enabling it gives me that message.
>Any clarifications appreciated.

Have a look at http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2046 and search
for the word "preamble". The lower part of page 20 shows a simple
example of a message with a multipart message body that contains
a preamble, two text parts and an epilogue.

In short: the preamble of a multipart mime entity is an optional
text preceding the part(s) of the multipart entity.
The preamble is normally not shown by mime-aware user agents.

It looks like you received a multipart message with a preamble
and only a single HTML text part and that you instructed mimedefang
to delete the HTML part. That leaves the original preamble as
the only contents of the resulting message body.


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